As a major inter­national group, we make an impor­tant contri­bution towards our customers bene­fiting from excellent condi­tions and being able to take advan­tage of tailor-made services. Regard­less of whether these customers are installers, industrial users or public institutions.

Electrical installers

Electrical installers not only need the best materials as quickly as possible. In view of rapid technical develop­ments they must also undergo constant training in order to remain up-to-date and compe­titive. No trend or new develop­ment goes unnoticed by IDEE thanks to its inter­national basis. So we not only offer our installation part­ners the most inno­vative products, but also up-to-date exper­tise. Know­ledge and skills in new techno­logies as well as effective marke­ting and services they really need.


Two things, above all, are impor­tant for our indus­trial custo­mers: reliable supply, and on time delivery. IDEE’s indus­trial logistics are based on the nation­wide supply of goods by national ware­housing operations and their compe­tence in efficiently adminis­trating, procuring and distri­buting entire product ranges. Thanks to optimised logis­tical and purchasing manage­ment, IDEE guaran­tees industrial users optimum purchasing conditions as well as reli­able, rapid avail­ability of electrical material.

IDEE members’ offer to industrial customers also helps to reduce complexity reduction, within optimi­sation pro­grammes for logistic and purchasing manage­ment. In this way, process costs can actually be cut by up to 80% by exploi­ting realistic supply chain manage­ment. Team work also enables an effi­cient handling of C-parts, linked with parti­cularly high purchasing costs.

IDEE also offers service and consul­tancy to indus­trial custo­mers, helping in pre-engi­neering and providing support and assis­tance in the reali­sation of auto­mation projects. IDEE’s consul­tancy compe­tence enables customers to find and main­tain optimized solutions.

Public authorities

A fair amount of the electro-technical products we sell are supplied to public autho­rities. IDEE has the exper­tise and capa­bili­ties required to target the needs of public autho­rizes and is in a position to find tailor made solu­tions for them.