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The electrical wholesale market in Europe is highly competitive. Our community of independent, service-oriented wholesale companies gives you the competitive edge to become more successful. When will you become a member?

How IDEE will bring you further

Key facts

wholesale electrical companies as members
IDEE covers more than 90% of the European market.

Work with the best. And use our benefits.

Enhanced purchasing conditions

We purchase as a community, so you can compete with the big companies on an equal footing.

Mutual knowledge sharing

We openly share strategies and best practices to help you improve your service and marketing.

Consistent brand strategy

We rely on leading suppliers and high quality products, so you can offer the best solution to your customers.

Sustained independence 

We give our members all the tools required to remain permanently independent in their national market.


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Mark Lambert

Chief Executive Officer at AWEBB

AWEBB is an independent negotiation body providing members 
with unrivalled security and confidence that they are part of a cohesive team that is working toward a common goal with shared challenges.With over 200 branches across the UK and Ireland with many original members being part of our group for over 40 years we are proud of our heritage.

Our supplier network Get access to 
our supplier network. And offer the best.

IDEE sets high standards for our suppliers. The reliable supply of future-oriented, high-quality products is only one criterion for us. We also attach importance to social and ecological standards and value a fair, open partnership. Because our members should always receive the best products and solutions.

Look for good company. And get involved.

At IDEE, we don't just purchase jointly. Above all, we exchange ideas and learn from each other. That is why we take special care in the selection of our members and avoid competition between them.

What unites them: They are independent, usually family-run and among the 5 largest wholesale companies or groups in their respective countries.

Do you fit IDEE? Find out and get up!

Family-run business?

Is your electrical wholesale company or group of companies family-owned or family-operated?

Market-leading position?

Is your company among the top 5 electrical wholesalers in your country?

Independent company?

Is your wholesale company independent, i.e. not listed on the stock exchange and not part of a group?

Service-oriented mindset?

Do you work daily to improve the product offering and service to your customers?

Aiming for growth?

Do you want to grow in your national market and improve your position against your competitors?