Independent, international, quality-oriented

A foreword from the IDEE Board of Directors

IDEE is a leading group of owner-managed European electrical wholesalers. With 13 members, 17 countries, 6.1 bn€ turnover (2021) and 870 outlets, IDEE is among the biggest electrical wholesale groups in Europe. IDEE is a reliable partner to its suppliers within the electrical industry and to its customers, which include installers, industrial customers and public authorities.

IDEE’s members work together closely at international level, to provide a competitive alternative to multinational electrical wholesalers. They remain close to the market, and offer a high degree of service and consulting competency. This is highly valued by our customers. IDEE is consistently reported as having the best performance in the market, thus confirming its competency. Through the central structure of IDEE, it’s possible to benefit greatly from team work. As a result, IDEE’s members are able to develop faster than they would otherwise develop individually.

Many good concepts have been successfully implemented into IDEE’s markets by its members. Such concepts help to increase competitiveness and to secure independence. The group’s focus on successful supplier partners and its persistent ability to take market opportunities together contribute to its success. This creates value for all involved, and is the basis for sustainable development. The high level of competence and the possibility to make quick decisions about customer needs locally is a great advantage in the group’s close partnership with partner suppliers and customers.

Within IDEE, decision makers make quick decisions, which are then rapidly implemented in the countries. Business processes are kept simple and effective. Not only is purchasing a topic, but also marketing – looking at concepts for specific areas of interest in which the group sees opportunities for above-average development.

We work together as a team. We respect our members, employees, suppliers and customers. Within the group, members have clearly formulated rights and duties, which contribute to a balanced culture of give and take. We stand by our word and take responsibility. The group is continuously working on further development and is open to new ideas. We have developed our Vision 2025 to follow our common goals, which contribute to a sustainable development of the IDEE group.