The European idea became reality

The European idea is not based on dreams, but on people who act. Like the leading elec­trical whole­salers from Finland, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland that came to­gether in response to an initia­tive from Germany’s DEHA in 1994 and founded IDEE. They were all well aware that elec­trical whole­saling, charac­terized by indepen­dent enter­prises, could only continue to succeed when the indi­vidual companies co-operated on an inter­national level.

IDEE is now a leading group of owner-managed European elec­trical whole­salers. With 13 members present in 17 countries, a turn­over of 6.1 billion € and 870 outlets, IDEE is among the biggest elec­trical whole­sale groups in Europe. IDEE is a reli­able partner to its suppliers within the elec­trical industry and to its custo­mers, which include installers, indus­trial custo­mers and public autho­rities.