Well positioned

IDEE's lean and decen­tralised structure is a key success factor.
IDEE offers its members numerous oppor­tunities to actively contri­bute towards joint success.

General Assembly
13 members

Board of Directors

Henk Oude Brunink, Chairman (itsme)
Roger Altenburger (Otto Fischer)
Jiri Jakoubek (Jakub)
Per Aasberg (Lemvigh-Müller)
Ulrich Hoffmann (DEHA)



Jean-Philippe Dieudonné, Managing Director
Heinrich Thye, Manager Marketing and Organisation
Hannah Curtis, International Category Manager
Anna Konopasek, International Category Manager


Category Teams

Ulrich Hoffmann (DEHA)
Karsten Bækgård Nielsen (LM)
Mark Stenberg (LM)
Jesper Lund (LM)
Taco Leeflang (itsme)
Radek Nastic (Jakub)


Operative Purchasing Team (OPT)

Andreas Hellinger (DEHA)
Taco Leeflang (itsme)
Inaki Menendez (Grupo Elektra)
Radek Nastic (Jakub)
Can Kirac (Kirac Elektrik)
Karsten Bækgård Nielsen (LM)
Claudia Costa (NOREL)
Luciano Radice (Otto Fischer)
Xavier Joly (Partelec)


Members and member companies

13 members, 17 countries, 142 companies, 870 outlets


Key customer groups

Installers, Industry, Key-Accounts