Kıraç Group Celebrated its 40th Anniversary

Kıraç Group Celebrated its 40th Anniversary

Kıraç Group celebrated its 40th anniversary with a special event that brought together employees and industry stakeholders.

In the 40th anniversary event held in Eskişehir Headquarters, hosted by Kıraç Group Board Members Emre KIRAÇ and Can KIRAÇ, and attended by company employees, Kıraç Group Company Managers, sector representatives and the press.

While the guests had fun with music and competitions throughout the day, they also displayed their hand skills in various workshops.

In the opening speech for the event, which took place in a festive atmosphere, Kıraç Group. President Feyzi KIRAC stated, “Since we started operations in 1982, we have been working to build a stronger and more innovative group. We are taking firm steps forward with you, our biggest supporters, our employees, in our journey that we continue to provide added value to the Turkish economy” and thanked the employees".

Taking the floor after Feyzi KIRAÇ, Emre KIRAÇ said, "We would like to thank you, our employees, who are the main source of our success in all sectors in which we are involved with our brands, which started in 1982 and spread all over Turkey and the world, and our sector stakeholders who believe in us and grow together."

In his speech, Can KIRAÇ said, “Assuming a bridge between our deep-rooted heritage and the future; we focus on building our society, our country, a more sustainable world and a better future. We would like to thank all Kıraç Group employees who contributed to this.” The ceremony ended with cake cutting.