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With a strong, historically grown presence in the regional markets, Partelec GIE boosts the business of electricians and industrial customers and adapts to the markets of tomorrow.

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Gabriel Nollet


We believe in strong, lasting partnerships. Only where there is trust can there be economic success. That's why we are committed to the needs of our customers in building technology and industry. We offer them high-quality products and advice that makes it possible to communicate and sell even complex technology in an understandable way. This also benefits our suppliers, as we can distribute their offers on the entire French market and refine them with an experienced sales force.
Particularly important for us is the exchange with like-minded electrical wholesalers throughout Europe, which we maintain within the IDEE. It helps us to anticipate future developments and to adapt today to the markets of tomorrow.

Partelec Gie

91, rue du Faubourg St-Honoré
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