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Two regional market leaders have joined forces in Star Tre, GRUPPO COMET in Northern and Central Italy and MARCHIOL in the Triveneto area. Together, the group offers customers and manufacturing partners alike the highest level of quality and competence.

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Luca Zaghini

Managing Director

The cooperation between GRUPPO COMET and MARCHIOL within our Star Tre group extends to many levels. In the area of the classic electrical wholesale ranges - building, industrial and lighting - the two partners are strengthening each other in the regions where they are strongest. Through the cooperation, both companies enhance the distribution of consumer electronics and household appliances.
Star Tre's strength lies in our commitment to our customers: A constantly evolving e-commerce strategy allows us to simplify the entire interaction process with - and saves our customers valuable time with initial information requests, ordering, delivery and billing.
Highly specialised, continuously trained consultants accompany our customers in their projects and provide them with the latest information and products from our suppliers. IDEE as an overarching European community offers us not only competitive conditions, but above all valuable impulses for the further development of our processes and structures, from which our customers benefit most.

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