Who we are - extracts from the IDEE Vision 2025

IDEE is:

  • The strongest purchasing and marketing association in electrical wholesale
  • The most active buying group in Europe
  • Highly valued by members, customers, suppliers
  • Able to benefit from chances using appropriate concepts
  • Able to make quick decisions

IDEE does:

  • Provide members with added value
  • Help to secure the independence of its members

IDEE enables:

  • A competitive alternative to multinationals
  • High competency and autonomy in regional markets
  • Close partnership between members, suppliers and customers
  • Mutual goals, strategies, measures and structures
  • Concentration on core activities
  • Simple business processes


  • We work together as a team
  • We respect our fellow members, co-workers, suppliers, customers
  • We work with defined and accepted rights and duties
  • We have a common group culture: a balance of give and take
  • We keep our word
  • We take responsibility
  • We are united and committed in our execution of IDEE strategy
  • We are relied on by suppliers
  • We strive for continuous self-improvement and skill development
  • We are open to new ideas
  • We have a long term strategy


  • Best in class prices and conditions for member
  • Increased market share
  • Joint development of innovative strategies
  • Suppliers ask to work with IDEE
  • Vision agreed and implemented by members