We are pleased to inform you that, as of 21 June 2021, Star Tre S.C.A.R.L. with its partners, COMET GROUP SPA, leader in electrical wholesale in northern and central Italy, and MARCHIOL SPA, leader in electrical wholesale in the Triveneto area, is a member of IDEE GmbH.

In securing Star Tre as a member, IDEE now has an important new partner in the form of one of the biggest players in electrical wholesale in Italy, and which is also present in Slovenia. In making this step, we believe we have further strengthened our group. With Star Tre as a member, we are once again able to offer our contract suppliers a strong market partner in Italy.

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IDEE (International Distributors of Electrical Equipment), is an international group of independent wholesalers.

The idea behind IDEE:

  • the promotion of quality-oriented installers
  • the establishment of highly efficient services for industrial customers
  • the implementation of international product and supplier strategies
  • the maintenance of independence for IDEE members