A message from IDEE in light of the coronavirus outbreak:

We at IDEE are proud of how our members are pulling together at this time, the attitude they demonstrate while adapting to changing and challenging circumstances, and their ability to successfully serve our customers and our contract suppliers with little to no interruption.

No one knows the final impact on our business or how long this period of uncertainty will last, and we are trying to manage the challenges in the best way possible. We want to help and support each other through these challenging times and we are committed to supporting and partnering with our IDEE contract suppliers to serve our customers in the best way we can.

Our first priority is to reduce the risk to health. We have implemented the necessary safety protocols to ensure health risks are minimised, so that our employees, customers and business partners can remain healthy.

Secondly, we are looking to reduce the risk to business. Our customers are looking to us for guidance, and we feel responsible for our partnership with our members and contract suppliers. We are therefore asking ourselves how we can help manage the situation, including what our members and partners may need from us, and what their expectations are. Besides reducing risk, we are exploring short-term opportunities to increase our business and help our members and customers to stay successful.

We look forward to continuing the dialogue through continued close communication with our stakeholders over the coming weeks and months.

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IDEE (International Distributors of Electrical Equipment), is an international group of independent wholesalers.

The idea behind IDEE:

  • the promotion of quality-oriented installers
  • the establishment of highly efficient services for industrial customers
  • the implementation of international product and supplier strategies
  • the maintenance of independence for IDEE members