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Our motivation

As a community of independent electrical wholesale companies, we create connections: Between our suppliers and our customers throughout Europe, but above all between our members. Through the cooperation of our like-minded wholesalers, new strategies and solutions are created – and these benefit suppliers, members and customers alike.

Key facts

wholesale electrical companies as members
countries with their national markets
€ 6,1 Billon
Euro Turnover in 2021
2 Mio
Sales per hour
Employees in our wholesale companies
Jean-Philippe Dieudonné

A word with our Managing Director


Managing Director IDEE

I am Jean-Philippe Dieudonné, the managing Director of IDEE GmbH since April 2021. Together with the IDEE-HQ team, it is a great honour and privilege to lead the next years of the already very successful and strong IDEE history. Our 13 members acting in 17 countries across Europe are leading players in their respective markets. They have been able to demonstrate the last couple of years, that despite the ongoing challenges, being private and family-owned companies, since many generations, with a solid entrepreneurial mentality, make them even stronger in achieving a regular growth. All our members are keen on learning from each other and sharing best practices for the benefit of the group. Our structure and organisation make us unique and different, but with the same target:  adding value for our members and our contract suppliers.

The IDEE-HQ team, is working daily on making sure we increased the involvement and commitment of our members, ensuring the alignment on the IDEE strategy and working hand in hand with our suppliers. We have been engaging in a lot of activities and projects, which will continue the transformation of IDEE and make us a reference as a marketing group of independent wholesalers.

Our mission Enabling business.

We enable a competitive alternative to multinational companies for our members from the electrical wholesale and their customers. With a high level of competence and concentration on core activities, we bring high-quality, consulting-intensive products to regional markets throughout Europe. Our suppliers benefit from the professional and personal proximity between our member companies and their customers in industry and the electrical installation trade - because all business is local.

Our vision Leading the market.

We provide the best wholesale experience within Europe and within each national market: We offer our member companies the best prices and conditions, and for our suppliers from the industry we are the one, essential partner. With jointly developed logistics and marketing strategies, we bring their products to all relevant European markets, increasing our group's market share at the same time.

Our products & services Made for electrical experts.

Our product ranges are tailored to the requirements of professionals in the installation trade and industry. With a wide range of services, we support our business partners in selecting, planning and advising their own customers.

View our products & services

Electrical engineering

  • Classic electrical installation
  • Building management systems
  • Network engineering
  • Home automation systems

Lighting engineering

  • Office lighting
  • Industrial lighting
  • Security and emergency lighting
  • Shop lighting
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Living area lighting

Industrial Engineering

  • Switch cabinets
  • Industrial controllers and SPS
  • Circuitry and security technology
  • Command and signal units
  • Industrial communication
  • Sensor systems
  • Drive engineering
  • Industrial cables and leads
  • Industrial connectors, connection methods
  • Electricity supply, USV
  • Explosion-proof materials
  • Supplier network, branch network, MRO

Cables and leads

  • Underground cables
  • Telecommunication circuits
  • Rubber cables
  • Halogen-free cables
  • Industrial cables
  • Wiring
  • Antennae and loudspeaker leads
  • Timing chains and drag chain cables
  • Bus lines
  • Spiral cables
  • Ready-for-connection cable assembly

Energy efficiency 

  • Renewable energy: solar heat, photovoltaic and heat pumps
  • Monitoring systems
  • Energy management systems
  • Building automation
  • Energy control
  • Illumination and lighting management
  • HVAC

Our supplier network Leading in quality and reliability.

We rely on leading suppliers who can deliver high-quality products at any time. So that we can always offer our customers the best solution on the market.

Empowering customers and suppliers.

We buy together, but most importantly we develop our offer together. We can do this because we consistently avoid competition between our wholesale companies and promote exchange and cooperation even more consistently. This is how we provide the best performance for customers and suppliers.

Our management As international as our company.

We negotiate in many languages, but we speak with one voice. This allows us to convincingly represent the interests of our suppliers, customers and members.

Board of directors

Henk Oude Brunink
Member of the Board @ itsme
Ulrich Hoffmann
Managing Director @ DEHA Elektrohandelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG
Per Aasberg
@ Lemvigh-Müller A/S
Jiri Jakoubek
Managing Director @ Jakub a.s.
Roger Altenburger
Managing Director @ Otto Fischer AG


Jean-Philippe Dieudonné
Managing Director @ IDEE GmbH
Hannah Curtis
International Category Manager @ IDEE GmbH
Arsenii Shaliapin
Marketing and Organisation @ IDEE GmbH

Category team

Ulrich Hoffmann
Managing Director @ DEHA Elektrohandelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG
Karsten Nielsen
Market Manager Industry @ Lemvigh-Müller A/S
Mark William Stenberg
Product Manager Lighting @ Lemvigh-Müller A/S
Jesper Lund Andersen
Product Manager Installation @ Lemvigh-Müller A/S
Taco Leeflang
Chairman of the Board @ itsme
Radek Nastic
Business Manager @ Jakub a.s.

Marketing team

Mark Lambert
Daniela Blickle
Managing Director, Marketing @ DEHA Elektrohandelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG
Iñigo Monreal
Marketing Manager @ Grupo Elektra
Henk Oude Brunink
Member of the Board @ itsme
Radek Nastic
Business Manager @ Jakub a.s.
Barış Ermaner
@ Kıraç Group
Etienne Torcqué
Head of Marketing @ Royal Oosterberg
Claudia Costa
Director, Nortecnica @ NOREL GWEP, Lda
Roger Altenburger
Managing Director @ Otto Fischer AG
Pascal Grolimund
Member of the Board, Marketing Director @ Otto Fischer AG
Xavier Joly
Owner, Age Dussauze @ Partelec Gie
Luca Zaghini
Managing Director @ Star Tre S.C.A.R.L.
Arsenii Shaliapin
Marketing and Organisation @ IDEE GmbH

IDEE is one of the biggest indepent purchasing and marketing groups in electrical wholesale.

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